Flora & Fauna

Flora and Fauna in Pachmarhi (Herbs, Vegetation and Animals)

        Pachmarhi biosphere reserve is famous for deciduous forest and wild herbs and shrubs, high quality of Honey and Silajeet (have immunity power) which is very beneficial for health.

        Many herbs and shrubs brought by tribals of Pachmarhi and herbal medicine made by their herbs and shrubs, are easily available in the shops of Jatashanker.

        Many types of species plants and trees are found in Pachmarhi forest. Mainly: – Sarai, Saaj, Ambla, Beheda, Harra, Maidachal, Mango, Tedu, Achar, Bamboo, Bell, Mahua( famous for local wine).

       Besides this species of silver fern, Giant fern, Tephesia, Aerocria are also found in this forest