amazing trekking experience in Pachmarhi

My amazing trekking experience in Pachmarhi hill station

Forests have always been a centre of attraction for me. I have a great affection for natural and wild animals. This is the reason why I am happy doing different things in the jungles. This experience of the forest is truly amazing because I am going to such a place today. Where the unique confluences of nature really meet. This lifestream of nature is very useful and very life-giving for the wild animals, quenching their thirst with the old lifestream and it keeps the forests green.

Pachmarhi is a very beautiful place. There are beautiful climbing, waterfalls and many types of wild creatures are found here, which has always been very useful for tourists and other creatures of wildlife. My attraction has always been this wild animal and the jungle life experience is amazing. Every kind of experience is found here.

Taking this journey further I went to a place which is a tourist centre. Here, while trekking about two-three kilometres away, tourists descend and find a wonderful waterfall called Duchess Fall, but my journey does not end here, the view is really amazing here, the high mountains and the natural stream flowing between them, which takes the form of a waterfall. There is such a fall over the waterfall. It is said that this always gives a cool breeze throughout the year which is really amazing.

amazing trekking experience in Pachmarhi

After bathing in which natural spring Duchess Falls, my journey progressed. Why did I get different types of fruits here It was the summer season, so tell me the different types of fruits and show the high mountains which have been a really wonderful experience to see and enjoy on them. As I progressed after completing the small. After walking about 1 kilometre here, I had to drop into a deep gorge, which we call Vijay Prapat or Victory Fall.

This waterfall is really amazing because a natural stream comes out between two safari valleys which takes the form of a waterfall. The pool here is also very much cold today. The water here is extremely cold which makes bathing very difficult. But bathing here and seeing the natural scenery here is a really wonderful and really unique experience

amazing trekking experience in Pachmarhi

After sharing my amazing experience in Vijay Prapat, I moved forward. After walking about one kilometre here, I saw the most beautiful face of nature, which we call beautiful, the Sundarkund place of the moon horoscope, where the water is as pure as mineral water and it is a very beautiful experience. This water flows between two nano flows from the stream of water. Coldwater from one side and hot water from one side meet here and it is coming soon. takes the form of a stream.

Ongoing a little further, there is a pool between the high mountains which is called Sundar Kund. Here the big fish which the farmer keeps swimming in the water. The pool here is very beautiful because the very deep or the pool here is a centre of attraction for tourists. But normal tourists do not go here because it is 8 kilometres from the forest, which is not a matter of everyone’s bus. But I have come here and I want all my forms! Come here and enjoy.

amazing trekking experience in Pachmarhi

This is a very good way to stay the night. The night can be stopped here. But with full protection, because there is a danger of wild animals and wild worms. But still in the forest if we are a little cautious. Put up tents If the fire is lit then it is very good because we can keep away all the insects and wild animals from it. But the really beautiful Kankayan Maa Meldi was very nice. I made a plate out of leaves and I ate the food I had prepared in it. It was a great experience in the jungle. The water stream was so clean.

This experience of the forest is truly amazing to me. I have never experienced a forest so close to this day. But this journey is really unique. Welcome to the jungle. You can visit this place whenever you want by contacting me but.

My experience of this trip in the jungle is shared in this video.

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