Best Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi – Best Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh

A journey that touches the heart.

Madhya Pradesh, situated in the middle of India, is the heartland of India. For its culture, agricultural forest produce, wild animals, rivers and mineral wealth have created their own distinct identity in the country.

Pachmarhi is considered as the best Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh, it was made by the Britishers as its summer capital, this station was discovered by Sir James Forsyth, is today a beautiful amazing tourist destination.

Due to almost zero per cent pollution, the amazing views of the beautiful sightseeing of the mountains here, pure natural serene water source make many such beautiful waterfalls in the middle of dense forests, The tourists are mesmerized by seeing them.

Pachmarhi is named after five brothers in the Mahabharata era who lived in the Pandava cave during their exile. Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is also a tiger conservation reserve. Apart from tiger, mainly sambar, bear, bison, leopard, deer etc. are found here. About 300 types of residential and migratory birds species make this beautiful hill station even more amazing.

Apart from this, it is the only army music centre in Asia. Even today there are many such places in the forest of Satpura which is far from man’s reach. There are more than 15 tribal species inhabited here, mainly the Baigas, Bhariya, Gond, Bhel, Ahike found in it.

Pachmarhi receives the highest rainfall in the state and the temperature is normal in summer. The temperature reaches zero degrees in cold weather. Pachmarhi is truly unique due to its natural wealth, wildlife and pure environment.

Beautiful landscape serene waterfalls, caves attract tourists. The Forest Department has kept its rules and special train guides for tourists to visit. There are more than 70 private and MP tourism hotels and rest houses for tourists to stay in and make this wonderful experience much easier.

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